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I write to thank you and the team at 'Advance' for expediting a shipment of communications equipment to and from Manila, and our offices in Coventry. Without Advance's unreserved help we could have had some very real problems in returning our equipment to the UK. We are a start-up company having developed unique products to deliver broadband over copper telephone wiring at 400Mb/s and a fraction of the cost of fibre optics. We look forward to growing into a major supplier to telecommunications companies the world over, and thanks to your help, we have been able to demonstrate our capabilities to prospective followed by many more, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Ian MacKenzie, Chairman

Advance are the most helpful company I have come across, they take all the hassle and headache out of any shipping jobs I have. Thank you to all the staff for all your help over the many years we have been dealing with you now.
Julie Joyce

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for not only coming and doing the packing today which got me out of a hole but also to the guy, sorry I didn't take his name, who came back out to put the labels on the crates. Thanks again.
From a satisfied customer, in Barrow-Upon-Soar. (13/06/12)

I met my US customer in Italy last week, he buys stuff from all over the world, he and 2 associates said that my crate of pots was the best packing they'd ever seen and wished others were as good. Nice to hear positive comments so I thought I'd pass it on.
John, Derbyshire

Just a quick email to say how fantastic the team were last week especially Lorraine In sorting out our customs issues we had in the United States. The fast response and frequent updates were really helpful.
Sarah, Nottingham

The tables my wife purchased from Jack Carey and shipped by your company arrived at our home in Illinois in perfect condition. Thank you. I would like to use your services again.
A happy customer (Dec, 2011)

We got a very friendly call on Friday to arrange a delivery day. The Scooter arrived on Monday morning 9:00. It was also a very friendly supplier. Nice crate and everything ok with the scooter. Thank you very much for the quick transfer. You saved my Christmas.
Another pleased customer

Thanks for the prompt delivery of these Keith… you want to watch it, we'll hold you to this service!
Happy Packing Customer in Loughborough- Quick on the draw – That's Advance!

The Advance team are always hot on the case for our export needs!
Sue, Quorn

Just to let you know that the motorcycle is now safely in Cyprus. Thank you very much for all your help and excellent service. Next time I need to send a motorcycle to Cyprus you will be the first person I call.
Demitris G.

Brilliant!!! - What a service! Thanks Keith, got me out of a hole (again)
From a customer in Woodville, South Derbyshire

Didn’t have the time yet to tell you yet but I have to! Your wooden boxes for cars are really very professional. Really impressive.
Tom, East Midlands


I used to collect quotes from several different suppliers in order to send goods via couriers throughout the UK and internationally. I found it time consuming, and frustrating that I never got the best prices straight away. I met Steve when he called into our Castle Donington offices (having been a resident himself 20yrs ago!) We decided to give Advance Forwarding a chance to quote – and were relieved to get the best prices possible (by nearly 50%!) straight away. Not only that, if I'm busy all day, the staff at Advance will arrange the couriers for me. I've found all of the Advance Forwarding team to be helpful and always willing to go that extra mile – regardless of the value of the service. I would 100% recommend Advance Forwarding to anyone wanting a personalised, economical and reliable service.
Emily Johnston

Thanks for sorting it out. You are a great company to deal with.
S Slade, Past Glories Militaria

I just wanted to let you know that my things arrived in Limassol a couple of days ago. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with this – you made it all really easy! Thanks once again!
Alex Elliot, Cyprus

Thank you for the assistance. I have received my personal effects from Calcutta Airport on the 10 October. I wish you and the company a very pleasant future and similar assistance to future students.
Gyan Agarwal, Calcutta, India

I'm very impressed with the knowledge of all of your staff… I wish you all the best for the future and who knows when I will call you next, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, but I am genuinely impressed with Advance Forwarding.
A satisfied customer

I appreciate your efforts. Your company and your people are one of the best businesses I have dealt with in England, it is reassuring to know that there are still people like you there.
Mary Einig

A lost account but NOT forgotten (Customer forced to change on National decision).

Hi Abby,

It was lovely to hear from you again after such a long time! Obviously at the moment our `hands are tied` as far as Transport Companies are concerned, but don`t think we have forgotten all about you because from time to time if something goes amiss we say "that wouldn`t have happened if we were still using Advance!" If things change, or there is a possibility for you to regain some / all the business we will be in touch. Please send my best regards to the rest of your colleagues.

Once Steve and I had set everything up, Abby became my point of contact with Advance Forwarding. I would like to say that at all times she has been extremely pleasant, an absolute delight to talk to, very helpful and will always put herself out to help us. I talk to a lot of people every week and unfortunately as a whole the standard of customer services is sadly in decline. Abby is a very valuable asset to your company and hopefully for us all will be for years to come.

I would also like to thank everyone else there for their efforts, the Industry we are in demands a lot and as a knock effect on so do I.
Dave, a company in Repton

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